Risk Research: Big Banks Found a Research Community

(ap) According to a press report the three biggest Swiss banks have founded an interest group in the area of financial research. Its aim is to engage in practice-oriented research in collaboration with universities and other institutions of higher education. The Union Bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse and the Swiss Bank Corporation, have signed a preliminary working contract with the «ETH Zurich» (the Federal Institute of Technology). A group of researchers, under the name of «RiskLab» will examine concepts, models, and techniques of global risk management and controlling. Each research project will start with a question arising from a practical problem in the real world. In addition to other Swiss banks, national and international regulatory bodies are welcome to participate in the setting up of the research programme.

Freely translated from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zürich, 7th October 1994. (Links set by RiskLab)
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