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Bullet Appraisal Economics
An international valuation firm providing independent valuation services to the business, financial and legal communities.

Bullet Association of Chartered Treasury Managers
A fortnightly newsletter is available on their site.

Bullet BAPS Research Group
Biomathematics, Applied Probability and Statistics (BAPS) Group at the University of Zürich in Switzerland.

Bullet Center for Applied Probability
CAP at Columbia University, New York City

Bullet Center of Finance and Econometrics
Masters Program in Mathematical Finance at the University of Konstanz.

Bullet TradingDay.com
Provides extended hours real-time stock quotes as well as a directory of links to pre-market trading and after hours trading resources. TradingDay.com is also a day trading portal that gives users access to stock quotes, technical stock charts, news, message boards and analyst ratings.

Bullet EagleTraders.com
They provide information on financial instruments, investments, project financing, forex trading and more.

Bullet Economics Journals
Extensive list of online Economics Journals by the Department of Economics, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

Bullet Evolutionary Finance
By the IEW of the University of Zurich, an internet site dedicated to study the evolution of trading strategies and the evolution of financial innovations using Darwinian evolutionary principles.

Bullet Extreme VaR
A diploma thesis with the title: Calculating Value-at-Risk with Extreme Value Theory

Bullet Finance Research
Finance Research enables you to easily publish and freely download research papers in finance (working papers, journal articles, Masters theses, doctoral dissertations) in any language.

Bullet Finance site list
Ohio State University maintains a web directory for those interested in understanding and teaching financial ideas.

Bullet Finance Wat.ch
Finance.Wat.ch hosts a new database of finance-related sites.

Bullet Financial and Insurance Mathematics at ETH
This is the home page for the financial and insurance mathematics group within the mathematics department of the ETH.

Bullet Hermes European Center of Excellence on Computational Finance and Economics
Homepage of the Center for Banking and Financial Research at the University of Cyprus.

Bullet IDEAS
Bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available on the Internet.

Bullet International Compliance Association
The International Compliance Association supports and educates compliance professionals in the fight against terrorist financing, corruption, money laundering and financial crime.

Bullet J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated
A global financial services firm that serves governments, corporations, institutions, individuals and privately held firms with complex financial needs through an integrated range of advisory, financing, trading, investment, and related capabilities.

Bullet Kamakura Corporation
A provider of risk management and research information, processing and software.

Bullet Luchsinger's Job Pages
Positions for mathematicians in Switzerland and worldwide.

Bullet Luchsinger's List of Conferences and Courses
List of conferences and courses worldwide for mathematics, statistics, econometrics, actuarial sciences, quantitative finance and operations research.

Bullet Luchsinger's List of Departments/Institutes
All departments/institutes worldwide for mathematics, statistics, econometrics, actuarial sciences, quantitative finance and operations research

Bullet MathFinance
The bridge between investment banking and academic research in mathematical finance.

Bullet Olsen & Associates
Olsen & Associates is a world leader in advanced forecasting technology for the financial markets. The Olsen Information System is a family of decision support tools for the foreign exchange markets.

Bullet Social Science Research Network
Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences.

Bullet Swiss Mathematical Society
Home page of the Swiss Mathematical Society.

Bullet Swiss Statistical Society
Home page of the Swiss Statistical Society.

Bullet Section "Statistics in Business and Industry"
of the Swiss Statistical Society.

Bullet Time-steps GmbH, Switzerland
Time-steps develops solutions and software applications for integrated risk management and financial planning systems.

Bullet Trading Theories
A library of working papers deticated to trading strategies.

Bullet Value-at-Risk resources
A site serving as a resource for those interested in Value-at-Risk and more generally market risk management.

Bullet Wachowicz's Web World
Web sites for discerning finance students. It has a huge collection of categorized and briefly annotated financial management links.

Bullet Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty
Ohio State University maintains this web directory.

Bullet Yahoo Finance
Yahoo's Finance News.

Bullet D.W. Simpson & Company
D.W. Simpson, Actuarial Research, Quant & Financial Employment.

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